WHO WE AREC.C is an artificial intelligence research company based on the idea of “value of togetherness”.

The technical skills and sensibility of C.C effectively contribute to the resolution of companies’ business tasks.
C.C researches the value to be passed on to the next generation, and commercializes the value in order to offer innovation that everyone can equally enjoy.

CORE VALUEWhat is the artificial intelligence that C.C pursues?

As artificial intelligence autonomously helps humans in making decisions,
we hope to become a virtual assistant that can improve the quality of life.

C.C’s Management Philosophy


Value of togetherness

We do not only pursue the benefits to the company but also the future-oriented benefits to our customers’ businesses.


Value of togetherness

We take responsibility for the influence that our company has on society, and we pursue activities that enrich our society.


Value of togetherness

We are grateful for the social results produced by the preceding companies, and we pursue decision-making that will contribute to the next generation.